Thursday, April 9, 2020

Which Languages Are Used in Georgia?

Here is Georgia, of course the official and  the first language is Georgian but about  the second language there is discussion. English is recognized as official by government and widely used in documentary sources also English is mandatory subject in schools.   
Personnel in banks, offices and most public centers are ready to speak  English to clients. In general, administrative work can be done by speaking English. In cafes and places that welcome tourists, orders can also be placed in English. But knowing English is not enough to connect with people on the streets and in the marketplace. Most young people know some English, but this ratio decreases among middle-aged and older adults. Older generations are mostly fluent in Russian. If you are fluent in both English and Russian, you can communicate with more than 90% of people.
 Many Georgians hate Russian language. When our flyer on the street invited tourists by Russian speaking, sometimes some Georgians would say, "Enough, we don't want to hear this language." But I have never seen such sensitivity in the English language.
 According to the government's program and public opinion, it seems that in the coming years English will be the second language in Georgia, but in the current situation it is difficult to say whether English is more efficient or Russian.
 In some parts of Georgia, Armenian, Azeri, Ossetian and Abkhaz are the first languages, and people mostly speak one of these languages.

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