Saturday, June 13, 2020

Advertisement of Georgian Casino on Youtube

A YouTube channel advertises for a Georgian casino. Videos of the ad have been posted on without tagging or warning "inappropriate content for children."
This YouTube channel belongs to a Persian language TV channel called Manoto. The video clip does not use the words casino or gambling, but its services are described by the following phrases: nightlife and live music performances, a variety of dishes, exciting games.The roulette table is also displayed during the ad.
Certainly the introduced center is only a casino, and in Georgia its business is registered under casino laws. In general, casino advertising is prohibited, especially on sites and networks that children have access to. YouTube also asks if users upload inappropriate content.
To find referred video, just search this phrase in YouTube: "اتاق خبر-هشتم دی ", ads at 42:23 .   
Manoto TV channel broadcast both on air & cyberspace. The channel is famous in Persian speakers for its non-transparent financial resources.

How important is the Persian language market for the gambling industry in Georgia?
 Many casinos in Tbilisi have Persian-speaking staff. The content of the website of some casinos has been published in Persian too. There is also a Persian magazine on gambling and betting called Leylaj. Some media outlets have claimed that the site's content is produced and published in Georgia.

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