Tuesday, May 19, 2020

IQ In The Caucasus And The World

Estimates show that the average IQ in Georgia and Armenia is 7 points higher than in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The World Population Review has published a ranking of countries based on the average IQ in 2020. There is no noticeable difference in this year's ranking from previous years. The highest in this table is 108 and the lowest is 59.

The intelligence of the Caucasian and neighboring nations
The Russians with an average of 97 are the smartest and the Iranians with an average of 84 are the least intelligent people in the region.
Ukraine and Belarus are on the same level as Russia, and Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are on par with Iran.
The average IQ in Turkey is estimated at 90, and in three countries in the South Caucasus:
Georgia 94
Armenia 94
Republic of Azerbaijan 87
The difference in IQ between Russians and Iranians is very significant, and another interesting point is that Georgians and Armenians are much smarter than Iranians. The nations of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan are closer in terms of average IQ.

IQ of the nation and IQ of the individual 
It has been observed that some media compare the average IQ of a country with the IQ of a person. For example, it is said that the IQ of Iranians is 84, but the IQ of Albert Einstein was 190. This comparison can be misleading. Some psychological sources state that a person's IQ may be higher than 200, but the highest average IQ of countries is 108.
 Another point is that the average IQ of a country is determined by the population living in that country. Therefore, it is said that the average IQ in Iran is 84. This figure is obtained by considering the IQ of Chinese students, The Popular Mobilization Forces stationed in Iran and other foreign mercenaries living in Iran.

IQ of Iranians in history
Estimates show that the average IQ of Iranians in the 1950s was above 100 and close to the IQ of the Japanese people. With the victory of the "glorious Islamic Revolution", the IQ of the Iranian people has gradually declined, so that today Iranians have become the dumbest people in the Caucasus region.
 Waves of migration from the country, execution of elites and powerful people, war, unhealthy nutrition, humiliation of young people by special patrols and repressive forces, strengthening mass and mobilization movements, expansion of populist media, nationwide torture such as dealing with women and youth The type of coating, air pollution, etc. are among the factors that have influenced the reduction of the average IQ in Iran.

Interesting points about the average IQ of countries
Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan have the highest average IQs, all of which are located in East Asia. In Europe, the highest average IQ is in Italy and then Switzerland. Israel ranks highest in the Middle East. Iraq ranks highest in the Persian Gulf region. You can see the full list at this link: Average IQ by Country 2020

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