Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Asylum Seeker & Word Of Force

You have a cold day at home. Suddenly the doorbell rings. The two men say they are gas officers and want to inspect the house.
So a one-minute inspection says that this water-heater is not standard and should be disconnected.
- But I bought this water-heater from the market. Why sell it if it's not a master?
- Regulations have changed and it is no longer allowed to use this water-heater.
- So give me a chance to see what I can do.
After bargaining, agents said you had a chance one day. "Tomorrow we will come to remove it."
At the earliest opportunity, I contacted a UNHCR-based organization that says it offers asylum seekers advice and assistance. I was told that you had to come to the office of the organization.
In the office of the organization, two young but frustrated consultants met me. One said, "Yes, these are new rules." You need to buy and install a new water heater.
- Buying a new water-heater requires money and time. What can you do to help?
- Call us tomorrow when the agent comes. Talk to him maybe he'll accept and give you a few days off.
I asked myself if I had come a long way to hear this answer. I got a little angry and told them:
- Do you want to join the EU? Do people in Europe knock on the door without knowing? When they change the law, do they not think how to compensate for the damage to the people? No, this is not the European way you go.
With my words, their faces changed dramatically. I also left the meeting quickly.
When I got home, I asked my neighbors if they had the same problem. An old man said yes, and I was told to change the stove.
- Well, what do you want to do?
- I got them out of the house. They talked force.
Yes I am an asylum seeker and I cannot stand up to the word of force like that man.

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