Sunday, March 29, 2020

Is Georgia safe for asylum seekers?

Afghan Mukhtarli
Afghan Mukhtarli who was researching the corruption cases of the Azerbaijani government, fled the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2015 and lived in Georgia. Afghan's wife  had announced his disappearance on May 29, 2017 . Very soon it was revealed that a kidnapping force had forcibly taken him from Tbilisi to Baku.
In an interview with Meydan TV, Afghan Mukhtarli says: "It was an incorrect decision to abduct me, it was not even to the benefit of the government. They also put the Georgian government into jeopardy, very serious jeopardy, both in terms of its image and in terms of financial investments."
When the prominent journalist may be abducted, how is image of Georgia in safety for asylum seeker?
It is important to consider that Georgia is a developing democracy and such cases as Afghan Mukhtarli won't be expected to repeat again but the same time, we know human rights in foreign diplomacy of Georgia is not main principle. Georgia has close relation to Islamic Regime in Iran which is one of the most famous in human rights violation.
In 2019, Political journalist Kenneth Timmerman has called for a review of the case of Pouria Javaherian. Pouria Javaharian from Iran, who was known as the owner of a restaurant in Tbilisi, was arrested on charges of planning to kill. Although there was no murder, he was sentenced to 17 years in prison.The hypothesis put forward by Kenneth Timmerman is that the Islamic Republic, with the help of the Georgian government, has sought to eliminate one of its dissidents, since 17 years in prison. For a person of that age means that he must remain in prison for the rest of his life.
Although there are many questions and uncertainties about Kenneth Timmerman's hypothesis, the manner in which Pouria Javaharian's arrest and reporting is reinforced suggests that a conspiracy has been committed against her. Imedi TV cameras were in place when he was arrested. Imedi TV reporters seemed to know in advance that the man would be arrested. The accusation against him also seems out of place. He is said to have wanted to kill someone named V.E . The man had been working in the restaurant for a while and had a financial dispute with the restaurant manager and his total receipts did not reach $ 5,000, but Javaherian were said to be paying $ 5.5,000 to the killer.
Georgia's special relations with the Islamic Republic are not a secret matter, for example prior to his arrest, Ruhollah Zam had announced that some Georgian casinos were linked to a network operating under Hossein Taeb.
Over all, Georgia is more safe than original country for political refugee but this group need to be careful and connecting to NGOs & independence medias. 

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