Thursday, June 18, 2020

Islamic Regime Disrupt the Asylum Process in Georgia

Based on my observations, in general, Iranian asylum seekers can be classified into 5 groups:
1 - Activists: Those who are wanted for political or civil activities in Iran.
2- Sensitive: They are tired of the bad social situation and lies and deceit in clerical regime, but they do not have enough money or expertise to immigrate, so they seek refuge.
3. Garbage: They want to immigrate, they have enough money and facilities, but they apply for asylum because they want to immigrate at a lower cost.
 4- Criminals: Those who have committed a crime in Iran and because of which they cannot get a police certificate to apply for residency, so they apply for asylum.
5- Officers: These people chose a way to seek refuge  under the guidance of a security-intelligence agency in Iran. They do and follow certain projects.
The most unfortunate asylum seekers are in the first group. They have no support, and immigration officials in Georgia have recently encountered Iranian asylum seekers and do not  have enough experience and information about the situation. A very important point about this group of asylum seekers:
⟢If a political activist is arrested in Iran, he will not be given any evidence to prove his arrest. Therefore, these asylum seekers often have difficulty in the asylum process and their application may not even be approved. But the fifth group provides every document and paper they need to seek asylum.
Mina Bayi an Iranian journalist in Norway says: Those who are real political activists do not have paper, but for other groups, the government of the Islamic Republic makes paper to say, for example, that I am a Baha'i  and this is the letter from the Baha'i Association. These people are seeking asylum and working for the islamic regime. *
According to my information, wanted political or civil activists  are less than 10 percent of Iranian asylum seekers in Georgia. This atmosphere has created a good opportunity for the Islamic regime to attract many asylum seekers to its connected network.This mafia network not only attracts and controls asylum seekers, but also tries to disrupt the asylum process by infiltrating various organizations. Although I know it's dangerous, there's no other way, I will talk more about it on this blog.
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