Friday, March 27, 2020

Temporary Identity Card for Asylum Seekers

A temporary identification card for the period of one year shall be issued for  a person registered as the asylum-seeker in Georgia. In comparison to the other country, Georgia is merciful in issuing long term  identification card for asylum seekers. How is valid and recognized the ID?
When I was in office of  a mobile operator to buy SIM card, they told me not recognize my identification card and register any number to mine. It was 2016 in office of Geocell, now that problem has been solved but reminded some organizations and companies which not recognize asylum seekers' ID. For example, Fastpay, Emoney, Mycoins and some others of electronic wallets have not recognized asylum seekers' identity card.
Once I was witness when lawyer of Dirsi real estate company referring to an asylum seeker's ID said: we can not deal if only this is your  identification card. 
Overall the ID is recognized by Public Service Hall, notaries, courts and any governmental organization.    

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