Sunday, March 29, 2020

Refugee or Migrant

Refugee and migrant are different terms.
Refugee :
 It is too dangerous for them to return home to their own country,
 It is not safe for him or her to return to their country of origin,
 Refugees flees armed conflict or persecution
 Refugees crosses national borders to seek safety from persecution or serious human rights violations

 Migrants can return home with no immediate threat to them,
 Migrants decide to move to find work or seek education,
 Migrants decide to move to improve their lives

If you decide to be recognized as refugee in Georgia, you should apply asylum. Applying asylum can be declared in the borders or territory of Georgia.
Migrants in Georgia must apply for residence permit.
Obtaining residence permit in Georgia is absolutely difference to Asylum Process in Georgia. It is observed that some people who are migrants apply for asylum. In a partner organization of UNHCR, one 30's years old Iranian woman said to me:"our family has lived Georgia for more than 2 years. In 3rd year, our application for residence permit was refused and we applied for asylum. we were in mistake in 2 years because asylum seeking has been free but we wasted so much money for residence permit."  Such opinions have created difficulty for both government and refugees. 

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