Friday, March 20, 2020

How to apply asylum?

In the website of UNHCR Georgia is written you can apply for asylum in 
Division of International Protection Issues of the Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia:
Address: 15 a, Tamarashvili Street, 0186, Tbilisi,
The name & address are correct but introduced website is expired site of former ministry of immigration.
When you go to that address, there will be a special entry without any sign. Division is in the first floor (not ground floor). Some soldiers control you and take your mobile or any metal if with you. Size of hall for clients is about 3 meter in 1 meter without any view to outside. There is a window in the hall to one small room. Sometimes the window will be open and somebody is at there, this is the connective channel between you and division without any regulated time working. 
After receiving application form, it can be filled in your native language. If you submit asylum application, you will be in primary interview in about two weeks.
According to my experiences, it is a very long & difficult way in front of you as an asylum seeker in Georgia.
 Migration Department in website of  Ministry of Internal Affairs: includes no information for asylum seekers.
Guidebook of emigration in website of  Ministry of Internal Affairs: includes only two broken link !

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