Friday, March 27, 2020

Appeal decision of Tbilisi Court

თბილისის სააპელაციო სასამართლო
Tbilisi Court of Appeals dispose appeals on Tbilisi court. The servants in this court speak only Georgian language. Maybe speaking English is forbidden for them. Any request or letter will be accepted only if will be in Georgian.
To file lawsuit in this court, Legal Aids introduce me a clever & active lawyer. It was my chance, the former lawyer was not working there anymore.
In court session, the judge gave me enough time to speak unlike first instance court.   
Before the trial, I spoke to interpreter to test her ability in my native language:
- Do you know what is Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps?
-No, what is it?
- Guardian Council?
- I don't know.
- Belligerent coutry?
- No
I have not find any solution for political asylum seekers to find a professional translator. Most or maybe all of them don't know the phrases and political structure of your country.
Overall, Tbilisi Court of Appeals decided that my case must be review in Migration Department again. I applied for asylum in 2015 and the vote of Court of Appeal issued in 2018. It means after three years I was in first step again.    

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