Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Appeal decision of Migration Department to Tbilisi Court

Like the most asylum seekers in Georgia, the decision of Migration Department was negative in my case and I appealed it in Tbilisi Court.
  Legal Aid Service is a state organization in Georgia which provides free legal assistance to asylum seekers. The organization introduced me a young man as lawyer. I expected the lawyer to help me to provide a bill for the court but he refused it and was not interested listening my case.
What will be happening when my lawyer know nothing about my case? I asked this question in an organization which was partner of UNHCR* and they said to me: in the court you'll have enough time and can explain every thing by yourself.
In the court, the judge gave me 5 minutes time to speak ! She said it's forbidden to speak more.
Of course, the decision of the Tbilisi Court was confirming the decision of Migration Department  and against me.
The claim was possible to be considered by Tbilisi Court of Appeals. In a legal counselling, the lawyer told me that you can claim for not having enough time in Tbilisi Court too.             

*United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

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