Sunday, March 22, 2020

Interview in the Migration Department for Asylum

About 9:00 pm, he called by mobile to inform me date & time of the interview. Working official hours in Georgia ends at 6:00 pm, is really he calling from Migration Department? Maybe one friend just for laughing was calling me !
For checking, I dialed that mobile number if he is from  Migration Department. "Yes, I am interpreter in Department and during these days we work overtime." Again he announced same date & time of interview. Time of interview would start at 10:00 am.
 At 10:00 am, I was in Division, waiting more than 2 hours to start interview in the cold and wet corridor. Interview took more than 3 hours included vague question and pressure to remember terrible old memories. In my opinion, it was torture and investigation instead of interview. Finally they gave me several decade pages to be signed.
Q: was that activity legally in your country?
R: it depends on how you consider the law.
Q: tell me if that activity was legally in your country.
R: which law you are asking about? bills which is passed by parliament? constitution ? rules of administration?  they are contradictory in many cases in my country. and we have the Universal Declaration of Human Rights too.
Q: tell me absolutely if your activity was legally.
Most of interpreters can translate general texts and dialogues and don't know special phrases.  When you are political asylum seeker you can't be sure your statements are translating correctly.

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